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"German artist Sarah Schönfeld has squeezed drops of various recreational legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures onto exposed negative film for ‘ All You Can Feel’, a photography series that visually reinterprets the physiological and psychological imbalance of substances in the body. much like the chemical effect of some of these substances on humans, the resulting shapes and colors showcase some of the unique characteristics of each drug, each revealing a vivid, and intricately particular internal universe. by enlarging the chemical reaction of each drug, ‘all you can feel’ portrays the unknown interface between representation and reality.” ©sarah schoenfeld

  1. crystal meth
  2. opium
  3. orphiril
  4. valium
  5. caffeine
  6. ketamine
  7. heroin
  8. pharmecutical speed
  9. cocaine
  10. speed

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   DNA Double Helix stores genetic information.     DNA Polymerase replicates DNA.

   RNA Polymerase synthesizes RNA from DNA.   Ribosomes use RNA to build proteins

These four biological molecules are essential to all life on Earth.

They originated more than 3 Billion years ago during the Proterozoic Era, in a common ancestor of Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryota.  Together these molecules form the fundamental pattern of the fractal of life; they are specialized machines that replicate each other and produce an endless variety of new forms.  They have evolved over trillions of generations into extraordinarily complex arrangements that consume energy, organize, and reproduce.